Professional Networking & Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Professional Business Network and Young Entrepreneurs Community for your Business Promotion

“Network Mango – Professional Networking & Entrepreneurial Ecosystem” is initiated by ABP - Ahmedabad Business Pages to provide opportunity to business entrepreneurs to exchange business opportunity. To support business entrepreneur & woman entrepreneurs, Network Mango is providing Entrepreneurs Marketplace where entrepreneurs can showcase their products and services at convenient destination to discover with entrepreneur in global community to become successful entrepreneurs. Network Mango recognizes the need for you to tell your brand story to merchandise your your product / services ranges . Network Mango – Entrepreneurs Marketplace gives you just the right amount of flexibility. People are searching for product or service information online to inform their shopping need. The Network Mango Marketplace has all the powerful features of a business directory website and product / services content.

Grow Your Business

Do you want to grow your business and expand into new markets? Network Mango provide opportunity to small and medium entrepreneurs to exchange business opportunity.

Start Building a Better Business

Network Mango enables you to connect with Entrepreneurs around the world and gives you the proven tools to help grow your business.


Network Mango is designed for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs and comprehensive interactive business community and entrepreneurial networking.

Build your Network

Build and manage your own professional network of business contacts. It enables entrepreneurs to access critical skill based knowledge & networks they need to succeed.

We bring together entrepreneur communities and create spaces for business development

As a member of Network Mango, you gain access to a benefits designed to help you grow your business such as Exchange business ideas and new concepts, Share issues and Problems related to business Industry, Exchange company profile and information on products and services, Attend various programs, seminars, knowledge transmission and workshops. As a global entrepreneurial network, we offers you the connections and resources you need to reach the next level in your entrepreneurial journey. If you have business challenges, want to expand your business contacts or networks or are looking to connect with other entrepreneurs who are ready to share their experiences, look no further. Just associate with Network Mango.

Network Mango Events & Activities

Network Mango organizes various business sessions wherein entrepreneurs and professionals from various backgrounds come together to share, connect, collaborate and get the Network Mango experience. It bring together entrepreneurs communities and create spaces for business development. Network Mango is trying to promote entrepreneurial culture among youth by hosting various programs such as Coffee Break Weekly Meet, Theme Meetings, Business Seminars, Business Workshops, Business Events, Business Lectures and related business sessions.

Coffee Break Meet

Network Mango organizes Coffee Break Meet wherein entrepreneurs and professionals from various backgrounds come together to share, connect and collaborate.

Event Promotion

Are you planning your own business events like Business Seminars, Business Workshops or Business Lectures? Network Mango can support and promote your event.

Product Launching

So you want to bring a new product or service to market. At Network Mango, where you can present your product or services among Entrepreneurs community.

Theme Meetings

Network Mango organizes and conceptualizes engaging entrepreneurial programs like Theme Meetings to help fellow entrepreneurs connect.

Cultural & Social Events

Meet new people and take part in cultural and social activities. Network Mango offers an extensive cultural & social events and activities.

Business Lectures

Network Mango has entrepreneurial programs like Business Lectures and as a network Mango member, you’re invited to attend Business Lectures to grow your business.

Business Events

Network Mango organizes various Business Events and as a network Mango member, you’re invited to participate Business Events to increase your business contacts

Business Seminars

Join the tens of thousands of Entrepreneurs who come to Network Mango to enhance core skills and to stay ahead of evolving trends through business seminars.